HULK Loader is a leading manufacture of high quality mini loader. With a long list of products and never ending customer support we are able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our customers. An ISO certification give us an edge over our competitors and ensure customer’s satisfaction reaches to next level.

Our R&D team is keenly sensitive to changes in customer needs and has created a rapid-response innovation chain of effective collaboration, involving R&D, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and service links. Keep "Quality Leading the Future" in heart all the time!

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We have 12 modern production workshops with annual 80,000units loader output, more than 200sets international leading large and medium equipments. We use advanced professional manchine manufacturing and 3D design, established good cooperation platform with famous universities, research institutes and enterpriises, use ERP system during product development and management.


The core opinion of HULK‘s corporation culture is: SINCERE, CEASELESS, LARGE, SUBSTANTIAL, FAR-REACHING & LONG-ENDURING. To HULK, “Honesty” is the base point of career and the criteria for values. Under this core opinion, a complete culture system is formed, consisting of “Ultra honesty”, “Moral character and capability”, “Being fair, equal and open”, “Courtesy, truth, probity and humility”, “Heart of appreciation, humility, beneficence, selflessness and improvement”, “Study, think, hardworking, diligence, austerity and encourage”, “Social prestige, culture contain, organization union, all around control, team improvement, self innovation and brand leadership”, “Loyalty, truth, humility, fortitude, open-mind, self-discipline, encourage and improvement”.


During the process of internationalization, HULK has made constant innovations and enriching for its culture connotations of being “SINCERE, CEASELESS, LARGE, SUBSTANTIAL, FAR-REACHING & LONG-ENDURING”. During integration of overseas resources, HULK, keeping the ideas of “Tolerance, Sharing, Responsibility” in mind, has won extensive approval and welcome from the international community.